Wedding Dance of Tamsin & Jonathan

January 14, 2014
When it comes a wedding couples first dance, some shuffle around the dance floor while other simply glide. In a small village hall in South Devon, the bride and groom gave me a show I will never forget and I am proud to be their photographer.
Juliette Emilie, Will you marry me?

Juliette Emilie, Will you marry me?

January 1, 2014
Happy New Year to you! Last night many were saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming the new year with hopes and dreams. Since meeting my dear lady via Twitter nearly 3.5 years ago, my life has been getting better and better...

Why get an engagement shoot?

November 8, 2013
How many people do you know that hate being in front of the camera? Are you one of them? (and if you are a photographer.. shame on you! you should never ask someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself) Can you imagine how tough it would be feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera with a ...

Ryan & Rupert hit the Beach, engagement photos

July 22, 2013
When I was asked to shoot a friend's wedding a few things went through my mind... 1. I would be honoured to capture their day 2. If I shot the wedding, It would be as their wedding photographer and not as a guest 3. would I rather be a guest?

Tango on the lawn – Tamsin & Jonathan’s Engagement Shoot

June 9, 2013
One of the things I adore about a couple shoot like this is that it allows time to get to know each other and surprises nearly always occur.. While I was changing lenses, Jonathan and Tamsin decided to engage in a passion of theirs... Tango! Talk about romance, perfect posture and an amazing photo opportunity! This was not a planned part of the shoot but there was no way I was going to miss this moment...

A Study of Light

March 19, 2013
Today, the light was amazing changing from moment to moment.. Sunshine, Cloud, Rain, Hail and back to sunshine all within a few hours. Devon is a wonderful place that never fails to inspire. Here are a few from my walk today

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Rock Pool

A Little Birthday Walkabout – Torcross, Devon

March 18, 2013
Not a very wordy post today.. just a few images from my walkabout at one of my favourite beaches in South Devon.. Torcross It was my birthday and it has been ages since I've been out for a shoot for the pure pleasure of it, rather than shooting for a job.
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The Gong Fu of Photography

March 10, 2013
I have been pondering the meaning of this post on and off for the better part of a decade and thought it was about time that I tried to put my thoughts down on virtual paper. What this blog post is not: This is not about Kung Fu martial arts, it is not even about martial arts in general... it is about the original meaning of gōngfu and how it relates to learning the craft of photography. Obvi
What will fit into the Retro 50? All this and more!

Let’s get retrospective – review of the thinkTANKphoto Retro 50

February 2, 2013
How many times have you read a review of a product and the review reads like the spec sheet? You know the type, filled with all the information you could have picked up from Amazon. This review aims to be a little different to that.. I have used this bag every week for the last 3 months so I have a fair idea of its strengths and weaknesses (There is no perfect bag, even if there is a perfect bag for a certain situation).