Devon Wedding Photography - Kilts & Heels - Dancing

Kilts & Heels – Zoe & Charlie’s Devon Wedding Day

April 22, 2014
I often get asked why I do Wedding Photography or even why I live in remote Devon.. Quite simply, if this video of Zoe & Charlie's Wedding day doesn't answer those questions then I'm stumped how to explain it. Such a beautiful and fun loving couple on their most perfect day (so far!) with glorious sunny skies and Devon views to die for..
Taekwondo Sidekick

Liam Grange – Martial Artist

August 16, 2011
Last week, I posted a little sneak peak into a martial arts photo shoot I did with Liam. It has been a busy week in between then and now, with work being like buses and all arriving at once.  I love being busy, but I really wanted to get these images edited as the shoot was so much fun.

Sneak Peek – Liam Grange

August 4, 2011
Here is a quick peek into today's Martial Arts photoshoot with Liam Grange. Liam is a 5th Dan WTF Taekwondo exponent who has trained and taught Taekwondo in Korea. He also trains various other arts including Taiji, Praying Mantis and various forms of Silat. This shoot covered the Praying Mantis, Taekwondo and also some Silat Tari.

So you want to shoot weddings?

July 28, 2011
There are some things in photography that are almost guaranteed.. 1) You'll always want more gear than you have.. 2) No matter how good you get, you'll never be good enough for your inner critic 3) Someone, somewhere will put the idea in your head that you should shoot weddings.


Sun, Sand and Kick ass moves

July 26, 2011
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shooting Katie Bradley for my second time. For those that don't know who Katie is.. She is an up and coming talent in British WTF style Taekwondo. At 14 she is already a British National Champion and has recently competed for her

This is Taiji

February 4, 2011
Taiji in the park Taiji in the park This is my life, as much as photography.. it defines who I am