What is Zooming Feet Photography all about?


What's in a name?

Zooming Feet, a strange name for a photography business right? I’ll try to explain the meaning and the values of Zooming Feet Photography..

In the photography world there is a saying that you should “Zoom with your feet”. It means that the best images occur when you put yourself in the best position to capture interesting, vibrant, fresh photographs. This is an ideal that I hold close at Zooming Feet.. Cameras these days are getting better and better, but no matter how good the camera, it takes an artistic eye and the willingness to go beyond the crowd to seek out the images that most will never see.

Who is Zooming Feet Photography?

I am Scot Baston, and Zooming Feet is my photography business.. A Devon photographer who specialises in Commercial Photography throughout the South Hams, Devon and South West of England. Based in Kingsbridge, South Devon, Zooming Feet Photography has easy access to the many beautiful Devon beaches and rugged coastal walks which feature in my Corporate Photography.

In addition to my core Commercial imagery, I am also passionate about Martial Arts and Martial Arts photography as can be seen in my galleries

A little about me...

Martial Arts came early to my life, as I discovered while playing football (Soccer) that kicking the players was more fun than kicking the ball! I went through Judo, Wing Chun and Tae Kwon Do before finding the art for me.. Taiji (Tai Chi Chuan). My teacher, Nigel Sutton (Malaysia), has since introduced me to many different arts such as Krabi Krabong, Silat, Eskrima and many others.

In 2004 I sold my home, quit my job and went traveling the world at the age of 32… Going from Malaysia (32′c) to Beijing (-10′c) in a matter of days. I travelled the salt flats of Bolivia, blessed by a holy man on Lake Titicaca and saw Djinn in the mountains of Peru.

It was during my stay in New Zealand that my love for photography blossomed. I had been blown away by the fantastic vistas of my travels and wanted to capture the beauty I saw. I’ve not looked back since.

My passions for Photography, Martial Arts & Travel combine to create Zooming Feet Photography.. Bringing fresh, bright, authentic imagery to Devon and the South West of England.

I also run Zooming Websites, our sister company specialising in fast 'mobile friendly' responsive websites

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