Frances Gynn Paintings: Accurate colour photography

To a painter, colour is a vital part of their work. An artist will go to great lengths to create exactly the right hues and tones for their artwork. When ask to photograph a painting (or group of paintings), it is essential to create accurate and colour correct photography of each hue within the artwork. A colour calibrated workflow from capture, edit and finally delivery to the client ensures that the photography of the painter’s artwork

ThinkTANK Photo Retrospective Leather 7 Review

The Retrospective range of ThinkTANK Photo camera bags, when released, were an instant classic. Styling that harked back to a more romantic time when photography was full of mystery and magic. So if the original Retrospective bags are so great, what’s with the new Retrospective Leather? Can you make a good thing better? Classic wisdom suggests if it isn’t broke, …

Shaftesbury Blacksmith

The Village Blacksmith

Some projects are thought up, and put into action in a heart beat, while others are a slow burn.. My latest photo shoot with the Village Blacksmith, Ian Thackray, has been over 2 years in the planning! The skill, hardwork and time it takes to become a skilled craftsman such as Ian is fast becoming a rare achievement in today’s fast paced …

Project Skill Swap 2015

project skill swap 2015

I am really excited to be announcing something a little different today.. something that has been playing around in the back of my head since seeing a video on TED (I’m kinda addicted to great ideas and new ways of thinking). The video I watched, saw an Australian professional photographer (Shantanu Starick) give up working for money, instead he worked for travel, …

Tango on the lawn – Tamsin & Jonathan’s Engagement Shoot

One of the things I adore about a couple shoot like this is that it allows time to get to know each other and surprises nearly always occur.. While I was changing lenses, Jonathan and Tamsin decided to engage in a passion of theirs… Tango!
Talk about romance, perfect posture and an amazing photo opportunity! This was not a planned part of the shoot but there was no way I was going to miss this moment…

What will fit into the Retro 50? All this and more!

Let’s get retrospective – review of the thinkTANKphoto Retro 50

How many times have you read a review of a product and the review reads like the spec sheet? You know the type, filled with all the information you could have picked up from Amazon. This review aims to be a little different to that.. I have used this bag every week for the last 3 months so I have a fair idea of its strengths and weaknesses (There is no perfect bag, even if there is a perfect bag for a certain situation).

George Phillips, Olympic Torch Bearer

Olympic flame in Plymouth

Last month I was contacted by the Odd Fellows Society to shoot Odd Fellows member, George Phillips carrying the Olympic Torch on its relay through Plymouth on 19th May 2012. You may have heard of George, Aged 87, as this is the second time that he has been chosen to bear the Olympic Torch. The first time was for the …

Lit with Canon Speedlites

HDR or Speedlites

This is a very quick post just to voice some thoughts I’ve been having on commercial property shoots using either HDR Techniques or lighting via strobes. I am not expert when it comes to HDR, but I am open minded as to its uses. In the I hate/love HDR camp, I probably fall in the ‘what can it do for …

Sarah and Tommy

Portraits with pets

They say, never work with animals or children, and while I can understand the reasoning, I can honestly say that I relish a challenge. Local Devon girl, Sarah, asked if I would be willing to make a portrait of her and her dog Tommy so that she could give it as a gift to her man, Richard. Richard has just …

Stoodleigh Court

Emma and Rob

I have been a little lax in posting recently, this has mainly been due to problems with my wordpress blog that I’ve not had the time to fix until now.. but now I am back, and want to share a wedding I shot last year at Stoodleigh Courtin North Devon. I have to say, this is an amazing venue with …

Mini Studio on the cheap

I have had a few people asking me about the photos I’ve created recently using my DIY mini studio. Asking me to share the set up so here it is. I hope you won’t be disappointed with the simplicity and cost effectiveness of this set up. The list of materials required to produce this mini studio is: 1x A1 snow …

Noise and Sharpening in Lightroom

Noise and Sharpening in Lightroom For those that do not know, I’ve been a regular contributor to for a year now. TipSquirrel is a wonderful site for learning all the great tips and tricks to Adobe Photoshop and its little (but brighter) brother Lightroom.


A Photographer’s Photographer

I like to think that my photography has come a long way over the last few years. I was convinced that landscape photography was my thing, the beautiful scenery mixed with the relaxed shooting that goes with it. No people to get bored or upset and very little pressure to get it right first time.

Scot Bastons Cheap & Tack

The TipSquirrel Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining to my friend Tipsquirrel of that I hadn’t been out on a personal photoshoot for quite some time. I used to head to the beach and shoot whatever caught my eye, but recently I admit I’ve become a little bit of a lighting snob…

Cornish Wedding

Last month I was shooting Helen and Finn’s wedding as part of a Claire Sloane Wedding. Rather than post a huge blog entry, I thought I’d make things a little easier for you (as it is Sunday).. so just sit back, enjoy the view and relax..

Charity Wedding Auction

Just a very quick post to  let you know that tomorrow in Kingsbridge (South Devon) there will be a fashion show and auction of wedding and evening wear for Cancer Research. All of the details are in the flyer above. HAC Hair and Beauty of Kingsbridge are kindly supporting Cancer Research by doing the hair and make up of the …

So you want to shoot weddings?

There are some things in photography that are almost guaranteed.. 1) You’ll always want more gear than you have.. 2) No matter how good you get, you’ll never be good enough for your inner critic 3) Someone, somewhere will put the idea in your head that you should shoot weddings.