The Gong Fu of Photography

Gong Fu of Photography I have been pondering the meaning of this post on and off for the better part of a decade and thought it was about time that I tried to put my thoughts down on virtual paper. What this blog post is not: This is not about Kung Fu martial arts, it is not even about martial … Read More

Martial Portraits

Martial Arts portraits from various top level Martial Artists.. covering Shotokan, & Silat. Some of these are local to Devon, some from around the UK and some from visiting Martial Artists from Malaysia

Sun, Sand and Kick ass moves

Sun, Sand and Kick ass moves Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shooting Katie Bradley for my second time. For those that don’t know who Katie is.. She is an up and coming talent in British WTF style Taekwondo. At 14 she is already a British National Champion and has recently competed for her country in Tbilisi, Georgia.